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Who Are We and Why We Are Here

Who are we? We are passionate students of the Bible who have fallen in love with Jesus Christ’s vision for a better life, a better world, a better universe. His vision is encapsulated in one word: agape. What is agape? Agape is unconditional love. Unconditional means no more reward and punishment, no more force and coercion, no more violence. Can there be such a utopia? You bet. The Bible says it will happen. We want you to join in the beauty of this vision. Join the agape love revolution (ALR).

We are here to bring together spiritually unsatisfied people yearning for a different relationship with God––who question meaningless religious traditions, who are puzzled, repulsed, and disheartened by the Bible’s depiction of a vengeful, tyrannical, genocidal, and punitive God, and who want instead a life-giving relationship with a loving One––to investigate and question the biblical and historical contexts with new eyes, determine whether the contradictions surrounding God are indeed valid through a study and research of the Bible that, 1. takes into account the original Hebrew and Greek languages, 2. that faithfully decodes the Bible’s confusing symbolism and figures of speech, 3. that acknowledges its rich metaphors and poetic devices, 4. and that realizes Jesus Christ’s supreme significance as the only true and authentic “biblical” revelation of an unconditionally loving God, so that we can arrive at satisfying, authentic, and scholarly sound answers as to why the dissonances exist and whether they can be dispelled, so that we can approach God honestly and without fear and as a result find peace and come into a close, loving relationship with Him as well as with our human family.

Based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are learning about a God of agape love: a God who is absolutely non-violent, impartial and freedom-giving. This is a non-condemning God who loves each one of us unconditionally. It is a whole new way of looking at God, a way which draws us to Him. Come and join the agape love revolution (ALR)

The Two Trees in the Garden

God on Trial is an online community for seekers from all the corners of the earth who are trying to figure out whether God really operates through "reward and punishment" or through "unconditional love." As one new friend put it, "we are healing a misconstrued perception of God." We have come to believe that if we could understand the meaning of the two Trees in the Garden of Eden, all our questions about God would be answered. We hope to encourage each other to look at the overall biblical and historical evidence about God through the prism of the two Trees, and then share our findings with others who are hungering for the truth. Our goal is that each member can get a deeper understanding of God through this study, and as a result be able to live a life free of fear and guilt, filled with peace, love and joy. Ultimately, our goal is to be empowered to bring God's unconditional and impartial love to a world that is perishing for lack of hope. This is possible, this is happening, this is real, because God's unconditional love—agape love—is transformative! 

Coming Soon

Keep your eyes open to an upcoming seminar in the month of October on a very controversial topic, "the wrath of God," which will accompany the upcoming publication of our latest book, "The Wrath of God" Unmasked.

Why We Need You

We hope you can join us, because we look forward to your suggestions on how to improve and offer a better experience for our members. We cannot do this alone. We want to learn from you and we believe your input is invaluable. So please join us so that we can all be enriched by what God is doing in your life.

Why You Should Join Us

At the present time, the world is living through the principles of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, i.e., reward and punishment. This is soon to change because Jesus is coming to the earth a second time. When He does, He will implement His kingdom of agape love, which is represented by the Tree of Life. What is agape love? It is a non-violent, impartial, freedom-giving, non-condemning, and unconditional type of love. Learn what the future holds for you now.

“The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely,” Revelation 22:17.

Things That Are Already Happening

Here are some of the things that are already happening:

Intro to God on Trial—weekly class with Francine Reise (Mondays at 8:00 PM Vancouver time JOIN ZOOM EVENT

The Book of Revelation—weekly class with Floyd Phillips (Wednesdays at 10:00 AM Vancouver time, JOIN ZOOM EVENT
At the God on Trial community you will be soon able to participate in:

  1. Monthly Bible Topics 
  2. Monthly challenges
  3. Guest speakers
  4. Webinars
  5. Weekly classes
  6. Live Interviews

Join Us

We envision God on Trial as a safe place to explore, learn, and find that personal relationship with God that we are all yearning for. God on Trial is free and open to everyone. We hope this will also be a place where we can nurture old relationships and make some new ones.
We are just in the beginning stages of learning to design this online community. If this is something that resonates with you, come and join us! We look forward to seeing you there.

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